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Jiangsu Eastdye Battery Co., Ltd. is a new high tech Chinese-foreign joint venture company specializing in advanced Lithium Battery technology. The company researches, develops, and produces manganese cylindrical lithium-ion battery. The batteries are mainly used in power tools\electric bicycles\ electric cars, etc. The batteries may also be used in military equipment\medical equipment, general toys, and even as a way of storing power from solar and wind generators. The batteries are sure to provide answers to the new generation's energy problems. The daily productions of 50, 000 units consisting of type18650 and type26650 lithium batteries have been produced at the product line as of April 2008.

The company has already implemented the environment protection policies with green energy. The company is cooperating with foreign expert teams in areas of advanced research, development, and scientific management, whom are all familiar with the advanced lithium-ion power battery production techniques and the general technology. Lithium-ion batteries have several significant advantages. Some advantages of the lithium-ion batteries are: Large current discharge, ultra-low resistance, low self-discharge rate, long life cycle, and excellent safety performance. In accordance with the ISO9001 quality standards, the company established an enterprise system. On the other hand, in accordance with the ISO14001 standards, the company established a corporate environmental management system. All products from the company (UL1642, IEEC61960, etc. ) are currently waiting for international recognition.