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Gemstones EJuice

We all have some guilty pleasures in our lives. Having one is fine until it starts to take control over your life, edging your hobbies to addiction. Smoking is one such guilty pleasure that does way more harm to the body than the pleasure derived from it. Thankfully, modern technology’s virtual solutions have lead to the invention of eliquids a substitute for the pleasure puffs. On the same lines, we are proud to introduce you “GEMSTONE JUICE”- an organic eliquid.

We believe in quality and hence we go organic in our eliquid solution. Organic flavors are prepared without any influence of artificial chemicals or pesticides. This means an enhanced natural flavor and zero risk of contamination in your juice. We also make sure to keep the entire process insulated from any artificial flavors or colors.

We believe that nature offers the best possible solution and hence we steep the liquid patiently. Steeping is the process of letting the eliquid rest to obtain greater flavor. Gemstones EJuice is prepared by steeping the eliquid in barrels with organic fruits and herbs for as much as six months. This not only improves the flavor but also the overall quality of the eliquid. We care for every drop of e-liquid you ingest and that has been our motivation to outperform ourselves every single day.

Gemstones EJuice is available in four versatile flavors: Opal, Topaz, Emerald and Diamond. Each ejuice is unique in its flavor and aromas.