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Liqua EJuices

Liqua was founded in 2009, when vaping was still in its infancy. Since then, Liqua has built itself a strong position among its peers in the fast-growing world of vaping. We offer a range of eLiquids for the best vaping enjoyment. Our leadership in the world of vaping boils down to our 4 distribution centers on 3 continents, manufacturing facilities in Italy, and the determination of over 200 professionals and experts worldwide  

Because we control our own manufacturing and R&D departments, we are capable of quickly developing innovative products tailored to cultural preferences and responsive to the latest global trends.  We also ensure a strict production control and compliance to the most rigorous US and European production standards; standards that are reflected in the quality of our products. But don’t take our word for it, try them and see for yourself.

Of course, the numbers only tell half the story. We are a company committed to the dream and belief that vaping changes smokers’ lives for the better. To that end, we view our company not only as a business, but as a crusade to help provide a better alternative and a better life to smokers everywhere.

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