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Occult Vapors

We here at Occult Vapors felt a need in the community to create a unique vaping experience for the true vaping enthusiasts. We wanted to create something new, something out of the ordinary; not follow the crowds but to stand proudly apart and dare to be different, and we believe we’ve succeeded! By offering the ultimate in premium E-Liquids. Artisanal blends, hand crafted with great care, skill and pride and presented to you in an artfully designed package deserving of the quality product contained within.

Our line of pure, organically sourced flavoring agents along with a non-GMO Vegetable Glycerin (VG) ensures you an all-natural E-liquid, devoid of any and all chemical agents and 100% Propylene Glycol (PG) free. Our flavor engineers here at Occult Vapors have worked tirelessly to develop what we believe to be hands down the best vaping experience you will ever have. In concert with our proprietary four step steeping process ensures that each and every batch of our E-Liquids are at their absolute peak of Flavor when you purchase them. Yes, all these steps take a great deal of time to produce and cost a bit more but in the end we believe you’ll agree with us, it’s all worth it.

We also strive to provide our customers the safest and most sanitary E-Liquids available on the market, that’s why we sterilize all our bottles before filling ensuring you a clean, pure and consistent product each and every time.

Occult - to close off from View or exposure, hidden or unseen, to keep away from prying eyes.

All of our flavors here at Occult Vapors are based on a two flavor combination, but that’s not where it ends, we have added hidden or (occult) flavors subtlety in the background of each and every E-Liquid, giving them a depth and richness of flavor uncommon among other E-liquids. Are you willing to become the initiate? Do you have what it takes to unveil these esoteric flavors behind the flavors? If so, give it a shot and if you think you’ve figured it out, let us know, and if you’re correct we’ll reward your valiant effort with a free bottle of one of our E-liquids, hell, we’ll even throw in a free t-shirt as well, along with free shipping too. The choice will always be yours.


Please note: Our E-Liquids are specifically designed to be used in conjunction with drip atomizers and or sub-ohm tanks. This is why we have provided specifications for Wattage and Ohm ranges for each and every flavor in our lines (Please see individual product descriptions). Use of any other types of vaporizers will limit your experience of these truly original and unique flavor profiles.

Proudly made in the USA All the staff here at Occult Vapors thanks you for your patronage.

Wishing everyone LOVE, PEACE and LIGHT.