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Wake N Vape

Founded in South Florida, our staff here at Wake-N-Vape strive to be the leading innovators in portable vaporizers & e-liquids. Just a small group of individuals who are very passionate about vaping. We take pride on superior craftsmanship.

From the start, we chose to take a different approach to making e-juice. Creating craft herbal e-liquids that supplement the body. Rather than pump out a huge variety of e-liquid flavors, Wake N Vape takes months to develop each flavor. Carefully balancing ingredients, testing flavor notes within the full spectrum of devices on the market, and ensuring that each juice is absolutely perfect before it is released to the market.

We have been working on our formulas and perfecting the process for over 2 years. Our skills and passion are reflected in the quality of our flavors and the consistency of our products.

Our eliquid is sourced, mixed, bottled & shipped directly from our facility in MIami, FL while providing more job opportunities and keeping our products 100% U.S. – American Made

Every bottle is created in a Clean Room environment under the scopes of experienced lab technicians.

We use only the finest pharmaceutical grade ingredients when it comes to selecting flavors and pure nicotine

Your health is very important to us; with this in mind we have created a healthier alternative to traditional smoking.

We’re not just another eliquid manufacturer,... Our in-house engineers are working consistently on new designs and products to meet and exceed the needs of our customers every day.

Wake-N-Vape is committed to the satisfaction of our customers. Look to us in the near future for our latest devices which will continue to amaze and impress the most complex customer.