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We hate to make this one of our first BLOG's, but today is an important date in the vaping industry.  Many questions are: What does this mean for consumers? What is going to happen to the industry? Will I be able to get my products as I did before? and etc.

Most of these questions are difficult to answer.  But, as an experienced and creditable shop here in Pembroke Pines, FL, we can tell you that we will continue to do our best to get the products our consumers are looking for!  We have operated over the last couple of years to be as compliant as possible when this regulation would hit.  Today is that day! The issue that we face is that some products are becoming scarce as manufacturers are dealing with stricter guidelines in their business operation.  One of the negative factors is the grandfather date that puts a lot of current companies in default, February 17, 2007.  There are many advocacy organizations out there that were and are still fighting to change this date.  Make sure you join their organization and support their hard work.

Advocacy Groups 

As far for us as a vapor retailer, we do not face a lot of these issues.  But, we did make some changes to comply!  These are some common things that you might expect in some of your local vapor stores to either be abolished or altered to comply with the regulations.

  • Coil Making will no longer be allowed as it is now considered to be a form of manufacturing.  Pre-Made coils will be a common replacement to this regulation and are not able to be installed by the vapor store employees.
  • Taste Testing is no longer allowed.  We are no longer allowed to give free samples.  Most retailers are now going to require a donation of some sort issued by a receipt to keep record for the FDA that no free testing is being done.
  • House Juice! As The Vapor Cafe have been against this since our inception, some other stores are no longer allowed to make their own juice in store.  This is only to protect you as a consumer! You do not want your juices to be made by inexperienced individuals in an open environment.  All juice are now required to be made by chemists in an FDA Approved Lab, where all bottles are packaged, sealed, and distributed to retailers.  We stood behind this as you can sometimes find vapor users to get nicotine overdose or even other sicknesses because of the unsanitary working environment or inexperienced individual mixing your desired nicotine strength.
  • No new products will be allowed to enter the market unless they have been FDA Approved through either SE or PMTA pathways.  This is going to put a lot of stores on a halt in bringing anything new for the consumers!
  • The restricted age for vaping is now a federal law.  Therefore, vapor retailers are now going to be stricter when it comes to IDing. The age is now strictly enforced at 18, and everyone who appears under the age of 27 will now be IDed.
  • Some stores offered vaping hardware and juices in a vending machine.  This is no longer going to be allowed!
  • Vapor Stores are no longer going to be able to alter any products.  The regulation asks us to prevent product alteration due to unsanitary environments.  Some stores are requested now to hold a certificate from the health department.  Don't you worry! The Vapor Cafe has had a health certificate for over 2 years.
  • We are no longer allowed to provide any information on health benefits of vaping and any other valuable information to our consumers that are not deemed as creditable resource.
  • Vapor Stores are required to carry a binder that is available at all times to either FDA Enforcement Agents or Consumers that contain a GCC Certificate for all the ejuices that they carry.  This certificate basically informs us that the bottles, droppers, and manufacturing facility plant are a reputable and recognized organization who are working to be as complaint to these Deeming Regulations as possible.

These are just some of the common things that you might notice in the next couple of months.  Don't be alarmed! Just continue vaping as we all know the benefits of it and how good we feel!  We are all in this together and the vaping community has created a strong bond over the last couple of years.